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Zircon Zumba Zay

Sex: F

Inbreeding Coefficient: 1.11721%
Generations Ancestors
Searched Full Found % Possible Common Unique
10 3 730 35% 58 292

Pedigree of Zircon Zumba Zay
© Wimsey Bulldogs 1997
1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Eng Ch Moselian Craftsman Moselian Gay Knight Gay Commando Coventrian Commando
Jubilant Witch
Little Nell Parkholme Craftsman
Sunstorm Surprise
Venetian Merchandise Eng Ch Merchant of Venice Wawensmoor Sugar Bush Eng Ch Prince of Woodgate
Lady Annabella
Stratfordian Beauty Sedbergh Sensation
Coventrian Charib
Gay Lady of Iverley Eng Ch Milord of the Regions Eng Ch Maelor Solarium
Wicked Lady of the Regions
Fleff Betsy May
Belinda Bella Newbottle Wudstan Boy Eng Ch Wintersmoon Jason Eng Ch Wintersmoon Janson Eng Ch Noways William
Wintersmoon Dancing Janice
Eng Ch Lucky Cinderella Samson of Copthorne
Annesley Dinah
Sengaston Brigette
Dorroys Temptress Eng Ch Outdoors Kippand Eng Ch Wintersmoon the Brigand Eng Ch Wintersmoon Janson
Wintersmoon Wildflower
Whip-It-Trix Noways Whipitquick
Woolgreens Trixies Pal
Dorroys Penelope Am Ch Hefty Man O'War Sungarth Square Deal
Hefty White Countess
Ballybrophy Carnation Intl Ch Blockbuster Rawburn Fleance
Jenny of Billericay

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