Photo of Merchant of Venice

Eng Ch Merchant of Venice

Sex: M
DOB: 09-11-55
Color: Red & White
Breeder: Mrs M Mound
Owner: Mrs M Mound

Inbreeding Coefficient: 0.00000%
Generations Ancestors
Searched Full Found % Possible Common Unique
10 2 138 6% 0 88

Pedigree of Merchant of Venice
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1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Wawensmoor Sugar Bush Eng Ch Prince of Woodgate Eng Ch Dunvegan Falstone Rodney Allithorne Resolution Alithome Rodney
Mount View Susie
Silver Ruffles Am Ch Falstone Dreadnaught
Pelton Queen
Wynne of Woodcote Morovian Mainstay Peter Beautiful
Ameswaite Pal O'Sunshine
Calla Lily Buster Storm
Stonelyn Snoflake
Lady Annabella Eng Ch Brownslane Buddy Eng Ch Maelor Solarium Allithorne Resolution
Maelor Veronica
Brownslane Maryzone April Falstone Sensation
Molly O'Mine
Bull's Head Judy
Stratfordian Beauty Sedbergh Sensation
Coventrian Charib

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