Photo of Thydeal Sweet Sherry

Eng Ch Thydeal Sweet Sherry

Sex: F
DOB: 07-18-75
Color: Red & White
Breeder: Mr & Mrs Hayball
Owner: Mr & Mrs Hayball

Inbreeding Coefficient: 4.78550%
Generations Ancestors
Searched Full Found % Possible Common Unique
10 5 1402 68% 149 459

Pedigree of Thydeal Sweet Sherry
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1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Wedgebury Warlord Eng Ch Waggy of the Regions Eng Ch Castizo Canford Trailblazer Castizo Albermar Blazeaway Protector of Copperfield
Wicked Lady
Canford Rebecca Chieftain of Drivedale
Overfen Anne
Katrina of the Regions Eng/Am Ch Walvra Red Ensign Sagebrush Lord Nelson of Chadderton
Walvra Heftygift
Brandy Bull Worthy Nero of Barabull
Dorjac Darling
Eng Ch Wedgebury Miss Biddy Eng Ch Belnan Chieftain Tredgold Gaius Caligula Broadford Happy Wanderer
Tredgold Rosebud
Little Secret Kippax George
Clematis of Runshaw
Outdoors Cinderella Outdoors Hartend Timothy Clearbrook Nelson
Hartend Jane
Outdoors Beth Eng Ch Outdoors Duke
Outdoors Overfen Caroline
Thydeal Jentamie Thydeal Gwyn Bryneatons Bishop Eng Ch Denbrough Leander Eng Ch Castizo Canford Trailblazer
Castizo Manuela
Bryneatons Bronwen Intl Ch Qualco Marksman
Eng Ch Bryneatons Blodwen
Thydeal My Precious Eng Ch Thydeal Dad's Lad Intl Ch Thydeal Relentless
Thydeal Victoria
Thydeal Easter Piece Little Darky of Eliber
Thydeal Propellent Miss
Thydeal Little Truefit Intl Ch Thydeal Relentless Walvra Buccaneer Sagebrush Lord Nelson of Chadderton
Walvra Heftygift
Thydeal Propellent Miss Eng Ch Outdoors Boozer
Thydeal Implacable
Thydeal Victoria Eng Ch Baytor Zircon Solo Eng Ch Mellea Hesagenie
Belinda Bella
Thydeal Audiezone Baytor Ploughboy
Eng Ch Thydeal Little Audie

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