Photo of Bryneatons Blodwen

Eng Ch Bryneatons Blodwen

Sex: F
DOB: 08-29-64
Color: Fawn Brindle
Breeder: Mr W G Evans
Owner: Mr W G Evans

Inbreeding Coefficient: 2.53959%
Generations Ancestors
Searched Full Found % Possible Common Unique
10 2 482 23% 54 146

Pedigree of Bryneatons Blodwen
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1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Bryneatons Sparky Eng Ch Sospan Fawr Eng Ch Prince of Woodgate Eng Ch Dunvegan Falstone Rodney Allithorne Resolution
Silver Ruffles
Wynne of Woodcote Morovian Mainstay
Calla Lily
Parcwyn Amaranth Lord Luke of Wenallt Eng Ch Maelor Uplifter
Missie Lu Lu
Lady Dora of Wenallt
Hefty Olivia True Blend of Tollington Tugboat of Tollington Eng Ch Prince of Woodgate
Blockbuster Bittersweet
Top Note of Tollington Hell of a Fella
Lovely Lassie
Easter Princess
Sungarth Navarmy Amethyst Sungarth Square Deal Eng Ch Maelor Solarium Allithorne Resolution Alithome Rodney
Mount View Susie
Maelor Veronica Peter Beautiful
Maelor Sunflower
Sungarth Regina Eng Ch Maelor Superb Eng Ch Maelor Solarium
Eng Ch Maelor Primula
Eng Ch Jonsah Success Eng Ch Maelor Uplifter
Irla Jan
Hefty Princess Amanda

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