Photo of Thydeal Relentless

Intl Ch Thydeal Relentless

Sex: M
DOB: 05-17-69
Color: Red & White
Breeder: Mr & Mrs H E Hayball
Owner: Mr & Mrs H E Hayball

Inbreeding Coefficient: 3.76216%
Generations Ancestors
Searched Full Found % Possible Common Unique
10 4 1148 56% 144 350

Pedigree of Thydeal Relentless
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1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Walvra Buccaneer Sagebrush Lord Nelson of Chadderton Tredgold Gaius Caligula Broadford Happy Wanderer Eng Ch Maelor Solarium
Broadford Popper
Tredgold Rosebud Leodride Ace
Judy's Susan
Everloving Adelaide Eng Ch Kippax Doublenought Ch/IntlCh Kippax Dreadnought
Avros Topsy
Blossom Time Beregis Monarch
Loo Loo
Walvra Heftygift Intl Ch Hefty Tristram of Evanstan Intl Ch Blockbuster Rawburn Fleance Allithorne Gay Lad
Rawburn Strength
Hefty Mandy Am Ch Hefty Man O'War
Hefty Lady Janet
Evanston Tansy Eng Ch Sospan Fawr Eng Ch Prince of Woodgate
Parcwyn Amaranth
Bryneatons Bonnie
Thydeal Propellent Miss Eng Ch Outdoors Boozer Eng Ch Wintersmoon Jason Eng Ch Wintersmoon Janson Eng Ch Noways William
Wintersmoon Dancing Janice
Eng Ch Lucky Cinderella Samson of Copthorne
Annesley Dinah
Whip-It-Trix Noways Whipitquick Eng Ch Prince of Woodgate
Noways Amenartas
Woolgreens Trixies Pal Eng Ch Leodride Beau Son
Eng Ch Woolgreens Topsy Turvy
Thydeal Implacable Noways Rocky Kippax George Reenart Replica
Avros Topsy
Noways Anna Eng Ch Noways Man O'War
Lady Jane of Grasshill
Implacable Blockbuster Beverley Eng Ch Blockbuster Best Bitter Intl Ch Blockbuster Rawburn Fleance
Bessie Bunter
Beamers Best Bonnet Intl Ch Blockbuster Rawburn Fleance
Norvician Lady Prudence

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