Photo of Merriveen Maybe Baby

Eng Ch Merriveen Maybe Baby

Sex: F
DOB: 03-06-79
Color: Fawn & White
Breeder: Mr C Thomas
Owner: Mrs P Dellar

Inbreeding Coefficient: 2.75672%
Generations Ancestors
Searched Full Found % Possible Common Unique
10 4 1342 65% 157 437

Pedigree of Merriveen Maybe Baby
© Wimsey Bulldogs 1997
1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Merriveen Son of Satan Eng Ch Bryneatons Barbarian Eng Ch Denbrough Leander Eng Ch Castizo Canford Trailblazer Castizo Albermar Blazeaway
Canford Rebecca
Castizo Manuela Castizo Carlos
Castizo Consuelo
Bryneatons Bronwen Intl Ch Qualco Marksman Tredgold Gaius Caligula
Qualco Solitaire
Eng Ch Bryneatons Blodwen Bryneatons Sparky
Sungarth Navarmy Amethyst
Merriveen Hells Bells Eng Ch Beechlyn Golden Nugget of Denbrough Eng Ch Denbrough Leander Eng Ch Castizo Canford Trailblazer
Castizo Manuela
Beechlyn Carmen of Barabull Brutus of Barabull
The Witch of Barabull
Merriveen Melodrama Eng Ch Baytor Zircon Solo Eng Ch Mellea Hesagenie
Belinda Bella
Madam Victoria of Merriveen Qualco Travelerman
Castizo Senorita
Kingrock My-Nora-Tee Eng Ch Brumigum Strollerboy of the Regions Twickerwick Brumel of the Regions Eng Ch Waggy of the Regions Eng Ch Castizo Canford Trailblazer
Katrina of the Regions
Outdoors Harvest Blockbuster Brevions August Moon
Tamie Maeran
Eng Ch Lady Luana of Brumigum Eng Ch Broomwick Barrister Intl Ch Toby Jug of Wyngrove
Hartend Josephine
Twinkle Twilight The Doog of the Regions
Broomwick Busy Bee
Chinshire White Regality of Kingrock Mellea Hesasmiler Candy's Cavalier Mellea William Rufus
Pride of Rochdale
Clear Folly Kippax Pippin
Kippax Princess Curnan
Stalwart Kelly Chiansline Canus Am Ch Anglo Cliff of Dover
Sospand P Henlobeds
Crossroads Starshine

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