Photo of Bellum Premiere

Eng Ch Bellum Premiere

Sex: F
DOB: 11-22-74
Color: Fawn & White
Breeder: Mr J G Driver
Owner: Mr J G Driver & Miss W Phillips

Inbreeding Coefficient: 6.10107%
Generations Ancestors
Searched Full Found % Possible Common Unique
10 6 1208 59% 135 395

Pedigree of Bellum Premiere
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1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Eng Ch Harada Ben Pepperdine Eng Ch Manderfield Mastermind Intl Ch Toby Jug of Wyngrove Intl Ch Eastgate Stalwart Bosun Lord Lancaster
Stalwart Miss Mandy
Eng Ch Eastgate Carousel Eng Ch Eastgate Crusader
Roberta's Lady Sarah
Manderfield Melanie Tredgold Gaius Caligula Broadford Happy Wanderer
Tredgold Rosebud
Manderfield Moulin Rouge Eng Ch Jonathan Lea
Belle Susan
Outdoors Lesa Eng Ch Outdoors Duke Clearbrook Our George Taurocanis Improbus
Katherine The Great
Clearbrook Rustie Clearbrook Chummy
Clearbrook Bernie
Anchors Aweigh Bragdon Boy Pride of Bodmin
Thornmoor Jill
Up Spirits Tredgold Gaius Caligula
Cindy Victoria
Saucy Scarlet Eng Ch Ellesmere Viscount Red Victor Worthy Nero of Barabull Brujowen Jiminy Cricket
Sally of Hale
Dorjac Darling Red Samson
Jacdor Jewel
Ellesmere Princess Eng Ch Belnan Chieftain Tredgold Gaius Caligula
Little Secret
Alvic Abundance Qualco Achievement
La Princess
Anglice Alison Threethorne Archie of the Regions Eng Ch Castizo Canford Trailblazer Castizo Albermar Blazeaway
Canford Rebecca
Katrina of the Regions Eng/Am Ch Walvra Red Ensign
Brandy Bull
Millie Manders Eng Ch Manderfield Mastermind Intl Ch Toby Jug of Wyngrove
Manderfield Melanie
Prospects Pride Qualco Achievement
Rosswick Shaiba

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