Wry Jaws

The following are examples of a wry jaw using our Sammy as a model. Please do not comment on the condition of her teeth. Sammy is 10 1/2 years old and suffered from a severe immune system problem 18 months ago. The prognosis then was that she might not survive until Phil returned from London in 2 weeks. Sammy beat the odds but the treatment has taken it's toll on her teeth. At this point, dental work would pose a greater risk than leaving her mouth alone. As Sammy has aged, the constant pressure of her tongue falling to the side has pushed her canine out of alignment and spread her incisors further apart. We consider each day with Sammy to be an added blessing. Beth


You Can Hide A Wry Jaw
A Hint Of AProblem When Viewed From The Top
On The Show Side The Teeth Do Match When You Lift The Flews To Check
The Non-Show Side Is A Different Matter
The Tongue Keeps "Falling" Out Of The Gap
The Frontal View Tells The Whole Story
Complete Occlusion Of The Molars On The Right And None On The Left.
Two Favorite Activities, Playing Supervisor From Her Sofa and Being An "Inspector"

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