Photo of Ch. Wimsey's Inspector Parker

Am/Cdn Ch Wimsey's Inspector Parker

Charlie In Motion

DOB: 06-26-1999
Color: Red w/White Markings
Breeder/Owner: Phil & Beth Handrick

Inbreeding Coefficient: 8.10359%
Generations Ancestors
Searched Full Found % Possible Common Unique
10 8 2007 98% 129 636



Pedigree of Am/Cdn Ch. Wimsey's Inspector Parker

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1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Eng/Am Ch Hobtop Picalo

Eng Ch Medbull Gold Dust Over Kelloe Eng/Ita Ch Kelloe Angel Dust Lynmans Living Legend Lynmans Lamplighter
Lynmans Madam Cyn
Kelloe Alum Chine Tugga Tough Decision for Kelloe
Kelloe Hello
Bullycraft Ikes Girl at Medbull Eng Ch Petworth Harvey at Nobozz Eng Ch Carsvale Tuffin Muffin of Ottenley
Petworth Regal Pride
Tuffntrusty Golden Girl at Bullycraft Eng Ch Packapunch Barney
Bonifacio's Fleur of Tuffntrusty
Eng Ch Elizah Doolittle of Hobtop Eng Ch Hobtop Sentinel Eng Ch Ocobo Skipper Eng Ch Kingrock Captain Christian
Rabmoga Second Go Lucky of Ocobo
Eng Ch Chappark Little Madam Ocobo Toopy
Chappark Brandy Snap
Wilward Red Queen Donnellas Bugsy Malone Dutch Ch Wencar Minks Baby Sham
Jackath Enchantress of Wencar
Gold Dust of Wilward Kilbarchans Silver Knight at Willward
Golden Galaxy
Wimsey's Silver Moonlight

Am/Cdn Ch Wencar Silver Flame

Wencar Silver Sonlight


Merriveen Son of Satan Eng Ch Bryneatons Barbarian
Merriveen Hells Bells
Eng Ch Jackath Silver Moonlight of Wencar Eng Ch Aldridge Advent Gold
Eng Ch Jackath Stargazer
Thatchway Fenella Eng Ch Kingrock Captain Christian Merriveen Son of Satan
Kingrock My-Nora-Tee
Ecton Bronte of Thatchway Eng Ch Outdoors Jubilant
Dib Dab Pisces
Wimsey's Pooka Rose Wencar Silver Doller Wencar Silver Prince Wencar Silver Sonlight
Little Nell of Wencar
Wencar Silver Joy at Macracken Wencar Silver Sonlight
Thatchway Fenella
Wimsey's Wild Riley Rose Boo's Mr. Chips Tretun Higgins
Poppy's Sugar Plum
Wimsey's Doghouse Riley Am/Cdn Ch Wencar Silver Flame
Wimsey's Charming Mrs. Merdle

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