Photo of Walvra Western Star

Eng Ch Walvra Western Star

Sex: M
DOB: 06-03-75
Breeder: Mrs V May
Owner: Mrs V May

Inbreeding Coefficient: 9.22894%
Generations Ancestors
Searched Full Found % Possible Common Unique
10 5 1280 62% 146 383

Pedigree of Walvra Western Star
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1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Ch/IntlCh Thydeal Golden Wonder Eng Ch Beechlyn Golden Nugget of Denbrough Eng Ch Denbrough Leander Eng Ch Castizo Canford Trailblazer Castizo Albermar Blazeaway
Canford Rebecca
Castizo Manuela Castizo Carlos
Castizo Consuelo
Beechlyn Carmen of Barabull Brutus of Barabull Eng Ch Mellea Hesagenie
Cleopatra of Barabull
The Witch of Barabull Highfield Toreador
Cleopatra of Barabull
Thydeal Victoria Eng Ch Baytor Zircon Solo Eng Ch Mellea Hesagenie Eng Ch Belnan Chieftain
Frisky's Trouble
Belinda Bella Newbottle Wudstan Boy
Dorroys Temptress
Thydeal Audiezone Baytor Ploughboy Dewrie Welsh Guardsman
Stella Storm of Veritor
Eng Ch Thydeal Little Audie Intl Ch Hefty Tristram of Evanstan
Sevenup Bernadette
Eng Ch Lydford Lass of Walvra Eng Ch Baytor Zircon Solo Eng Ch Mellea Hesagenie Eng Ch Belnan Chieftain Tredgold Gaius Caligula
Little Secret
Frisky's Trouble Eng Ch Mellea Jamie
Snowstorm Contessa
Belinda Bella Newbottle Wudstan Boy Eng Ch Wintersmoon Jason
Sengaston Brigette
Dorroys Temptress Eng Ch Outdoors Kippand
Dorroys Penelope
Walvra May Queen Walvra Jolly Roger Eng Ch Sailors Choice Eng Ch Maythorpe Mariner
Dorroys Revelation
Sailors Pride and Joy Blockbuster No Bush
Blockbuster Arabella
Walvra Tania Blockbuster No Bush Boy Bunter
Blockbuster Rachel Marjon
Maythorpe Ships Biscuit Eng Ch Sailors Choice
Maythorpe Ships Silver

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