Pedigree of: Eng Ch Terlingfair Country Boy From Mystyle
Sex M
Date of Birth 12/10/2002
Owner Davis, Mr Kevin & Diddy Iking Huber Breeder Mrs Tearle & Mark Tearle
Colour & Markings Red with White Markings
Eng Ch Mystyle Golden Wonder Eng Ch Merriveen Make My Day Eng Ch Esclusham Golden Chimes of Wencar Eng Ch Kelloe Kid Glove Tugga Tough Decision For Kelloe
Kelloe Hello
Eng Ch Esclusham Song of Sixpence Tugga Tough Decision For Kelloe
Charlie Girl At Esclusham
Merriveen Mi'Lady Hyten Heavens to Mergatroid Eng Ch Audstan Sigmund Snugglebutt At Aceeye
Hyten Hubble Bubble
Merriveen Maybe Lucky Merriveen Frozen Asset
Merriveen HI-Daze
Hyten Hope N Desire for Mystyle Eng Ch Medbull Gold Dust Over Kelloe Eng It Ch Kelloe Angel Dust Lynmans Living Legend
Kelloe Alum Chine
Bullycraft Ike's Girl At Medbull Eng Ch Petworth Harvey At Nobozz
Tuffntrusty Golden Girl At Bullycraft
Wyecaple All In The Game With Hyten Lynmans Living Legend Lynmans Lamplighter
Lynmans Madam Cyn
Hyten Miss Hollywood Lawrencetown Ghost Spirit of Hyten
Bugailion Boomerang of Hyten
Terlingfair Angora Bullhill Dexter Ocobo User Friendly Bronorn Bronorn Picasso At Ocobo Ashcourt Blaze At Bronorn
Bullzaye Peggy Pride At Bronorn
Ocobo Destiny Eng Ch Shebador Our Floyd At Ocobo
Ocobo Pure Silk
Briaroak UH Victoria Violet Montgomery of Briaroak Amerdith Holy Smoke of Atozed
Dot's Legacy
Rosellas Melody Eng Ch Aldridge Avanti
Lady Savannah
Terlingfair Bunty Eng Ch Ocobo Tully Bewley Anzac Carsvale Sonny At Bronorn
Ocobo Temptation At Bewley
Ocobo New Edition Ocobo Lladro
Reflections of Ocobo
Terlingfair Lady Jane Lianca Liaison Eng Ch Kingrock Canis Pugnax
Honeyboro Harem Scarem at Lianca
Brodawel Tanzy Ringablok Super Ted
Talvalley Spotty of Brodawel
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