Photo of Sevenup Semprini

Eng Ch Sevenup Semprini

Sex: M
DOB: 12-03-83
Color: Brindle & White
Breeder: Mr & Mrs A F Saunders
Owner: Miss S A Jay

Inbreeding Coefficient: 3.56227%
Generations Ancestors
Searched Full Found % Possible Common Unique
10 5 1439 70% 121 487

Pedigree of Sevenup Semprini
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1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Quintic Ambrose Eng Ch Ocobo Skipper Eng Ch Kingrock Captain Christian Merriveen Son of Satan Eng Ch Bryneatons Barbarian
Merriveen Hells Bells
Kingrock My-Nora-Tee Eng Ch Brumigum Strollerboy of the Regions
Chinshire White Regality of Kingrock
Rabmoga Second Go Lucky of Ocobo Golden Hind of Five Bells of Edtosa Am Ch Turoca Sea Breeze
Brickelsea Ambitious
Little Lady of Rabmoga Edtotsa Maxamillion
Turoca Tots Sherry
Eng Ch Ambassadors Quite Amazing of Quintic Eng Ch Merriveen Happy Daze Merriveen Son of Satan Eng Ch Bryneatons Barbarian
Merriveen Hells Bells
Merriveen Daisy Chain Eng Ch Bryneatons Barbarian
Casjen Snowflake
Ambassadors Hatty Jakes Quintic Peanut Noways Symas Sir William
Sevenup Irresistable
Qualsby Dora Tuffnuts White Rock
Dilkusha Sea Sprite
Sevenup Sara Eng Ch Holeyn Hell of a Fella of Baytor Eng Ch Baytor Zircon Solo Eng Ch Mellea Hesagenie Eng Ch Belnan Chieftain
Frisky's Trouble
Belinda Bella Newbottle Wudstan Boy
Dorroys Temptress
Holeyn Countess Baytor Ploughboy Dewrie Welsh Guardsman
Stella Storm of Veritor
Eng Ch Holeyn Duchess Intl Ch Qualco Marksman
Holeyn Princess
Sevenup Black Orchid Eng Ch Broomwick Barrister Intl Ch Toby Jug of Wyngrove Intl Ch Eastgate Stalwart Bosun
Eng Ch Eastgate Carousel
Hartend Josephine Clearbrook Our George
Hartend Doryantrys Juliet
Sevenup Sian Dewrie Welsh Guardsman Cilgwyn Falcon
Dewrie Trinket
Golden Slipper Sospan Samaritan
Hawkshope Harriet

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