Photo of Rosemay for Remembrance of Lynmans

Rosemay for Remembrance of Lynmans

Sex: F
DOB: 08-01-89
Color: Red & White
Breeder: Mrs M Simpson
Owner: Mrs L Manns

Inbreeding Coefficient: 3.58134%
Generations Ancestors
Searched Full Found % Possible Common Unique
10 5 1977 96% 183 560

Pedigree of Rosemay for Remembrance of Lynmans
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1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Pembstar Prince Eskaidee Anzio of Ringablock Nero at Ocobo Kilbarchans Silver Knight at Willward Merriveen Snowy Daze
Kilbarchans Talullah
Golden Galaxy Atomstone Adam
Atomstone Powerpack
Eskaidee Podger Ringablok Hanks Double at Eskaidee Kilbarchan Scottish Laird
Black Marie of Ringablok
Eskaidee Such Slander Eng Ch Leyhad the Brigadier
Eskaidee Some Scandal
Clarendon Firelighter Clarendon Moonlighter Jackath Silver Spur Eng Ch Brumigum Strollerboy of the Regions
Jackath Royal Empress
Clarendon Masha Eng Ch Foresquare Dads Double
Braunwell Enslaver
Clarendon Masha Eng Ch Foresquare Dads Double Eng Ch Outdoors Jubilant
Eng Ch Foresquare Hello Dolly
Braunwell Enslaver Eng Ch Holeyn Hell of a Fella of Baytor
Princess Jennifer
Lynmans Stephanie Petworth General George Quintic Ambrose Eng Ch Ocobo Skipper Eng Ch Kingrock Captain Christian
Rabmoga Second Go Lucky of Ocobo
Eng Ch Ambassadors Quite Amazing of Quintic Eng Ch Merriveen Happy Daze
Ambassadors Hatty Jakes
Dewrie Celtic Princess Dewrie Welsh Trooper Dewrie Fascination
Dewrie Madonna
Dewrie Welsh Symbol Dewrie Fascination
Dewrie White Mink
Pitthaven Barley Corn Noble Phantom of Annadic of Gwenstan Gwenstan Lord Snowman Noways Snowman
Gwenstan Duchess
Manea Pandora at Stockbull Bellboy Lad of Essex
Lucy of Godolphine
Skylark of Pitthaven Banerjee Max Ply Eng Ch Harada Ben Pepperdine
Hughley Halfpenny
Princess Roseanna Doughboy of the Regions
Totaniase Little Susie

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