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Welcome to Wimsey Bulldogs. This site is funded and maintained by Wimsey Bulldogs a service to the international bulldog community. It is always a pleasure to meet bulldog enthusiasts from the United Kingdom and around the world who have found this to be a useful site. This site has many things to offer including a history of our "Wimsey Bulldogs", photographs and five generation pedigrees of hundreds of English-bred bulldogs. Created in 1997, this was the first site of its type using internal links to make it possible to start with a single dog and walk the pedigree back for generations.

You're welcome to start with Am/Cdn Ch Wimsey's Inspector Parker or "Charlie" or perhaps with Wimsey's Shrewsbury Henry II. Both of these pedigrees also have links to MPG's so you can see them in motion. You can climb the Wimsey family tree if you like or visit the dogs directly. You will also find links to winners from past years at the British shows The Incorporated, Crufts or Bulldog of the Year.

The pedigrees in this site would not be possible without the help initially of the CompuPed pedigree program and more recently BreedMate. We have an established database of over 14,000 English-bred bulldogs and it is still growing. When you include the pedigrees which are utilized to create the Bulldog Club of America site, which we host and sponsor, our database now exceeds 30,000 bulldogs. The most exciting new feature is the addition of a on-the-fly pedigree generator that allows user to produce multi-generational pedigrees for any of the dogs in our database.

Wimsey Bulldogs serves as host of the BCA Hall of Fame with a brief break in 2003 when the site was destroyed by the Nimba virus. We have since rebuilt the site thanks to our very talented programmer Paul. The BCA site uses the data collected by Ed Scully and is updated at least quarterly.

Enjoy your visit and stop by and see us again.

We do not have puppies available at this time.


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