Photo of Georgian Jonathan Camden

Eng Ch Georgian Jonathan Camden

Sex: M
Color: Gold Brindle & White
Breeder: H A Wiffen, Esq.
Owner: H A Wiffen, Esq.

Inbreeding Coefficient: 0.87891%
Generations Ancestors
Searched Full Found % Possible Common Unique
10 3 34 1% 6 26

Pedigree of Georgian Jonathan Camden
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1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Georgian Sturdy Roseville Blister Crossbank Canute
Roseville Barrystina Peter Beautiful Eng Ch Roseville Barryflash
Roseville Baroda
Convoy Merry Monarch
Roland's Treasure Cross-Sword Major Mighty Monty
Whitewalls Excell Georgian Sunflash Peter Beautiful Eng Ch Roseville Barryflash
Ameswaite Pal O'Sunshine Intl Ch Basford Golden Nymph
Bugler Judy
My Beautiful Susan

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