Photo of Captain Hudson with Mystyle

Eng Ch/Mex Ch Captain Hudson with Mystyle

Sex: M
DOB: 09/14/1999
Color: Brindle & White
Breeder: Mr D Sargent
Owner: Davis/Torres

Pedigree of Captain Hudson with Mystyle
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1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Eng Ch Merriveen Make My Day Eng Ch Esclusham Golden Chimes of Wencar Eng Ch Kelloe Kid Glove Tugga Tough Decision for Kelloe Tugga Revenge
Delanjoy Broadway Becky of Tugga
Kelloe Hello Eng Ch Tyegarth Jacob of Kelloe
Fallen Angel of Kelloe
Eng Ch Esclusham Song of Sixpence Tugga Tough Decision for Kelloe Tugga Revenge
Delanjoy Broadway Becky of Tugga
Charlie Girl at Esclusham Ocobo Stormaway
Bantonloch My Choice
Merriveen My Lady Hyten Heavens to Merga Troid Eng Ch Audstan Sigmund Snugglebutt at Aceeye Eng Ch Storming Passion at Ocobo
Audstan Saldabeanie
Hyten Hubble Bubble Eng Ch Wildax Johnny Silver of Hyten
Bugalion Boomerang of Hyten
Merriveen Maybe Lucky Merriveen Frozen Asset Eng Ch Kingrock Freezo
Eng Ch Merriveen Dizzy Daze
Merriveen Hi-Daze Merriveen Jacobs Lad
Merriveen Holly Daze
Shalad My Girl Lollipop Blossdunmere Lanista at Shalad Quintic Lucas Eng Ch Sevenup Semprini Quintic Ambrose
Sevenup Sara
Cawma Hetty of Quintic Quintic Sirmadoc
Rose of Sevenup
Blossdunmere Lily Langtry Blossdunmere Jemidale Greathill Jeffrey
Blossdunmere Lucinda
Delanjoy Chuckles of Blossdunmere Merriveen Passing Cloud
Blossdunmere Bronwen at Southgate
Timmys Tilty at Shalad Tymaro Trip Setsquare Surrey Oak of Quintic Quintic Ambrose
Setsquare Blue Print
Jessie Wilamenia at Tymaro Eng Ch Stockbull Big Ben
Fanny Golda
Honclo Tosca Beefeater Bulls Harry O'Toole at Sutus Austl Ch Elroston Colonial Boy
Annie Song de la Parure
St. Levan Midnight Molly of Honclo Mishvijo Fearless of Honclo
Mistletoe Blanche
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