Mr. Ben Goes Coursing

In October, 1990 Mr. Ben and his handler, Gary Cooper, were invited to observe a coursing trial being held by the Michigan Sight Hound Club at a friend's farm. As you can see from these photos, Mr. Ben found the plastic sheet (a.k.a. "the rabbit") VERY intriquing. When his hosts noticed his interest, he was invited to have a try. The first set of slides show Mr. Ben on his first full practice run. The second set show Mr. Ben running against an Afgan amd a Saluki. We won't wouldn't suggest Mr. Ben won his heat, but he was judged "game" by the sight hound fanciers and the picture captioned, "Mr. Ben Digs In", was published in the National Sight Hound club magazine.

SlideProjector courtesy of Jayakrishnan Nair"