Title V: On the Movement of Companies to Assemble their Battalion & on the Detachment to go Search for the Flags.
Article 2: On the Detail that will search for the flags.

When the companies begin their march to their battalion assembly area, the flag are sought.

Composition of the Color Detail

The Drum Major, the Music, and half the drummers.

One squad of Grenadiers, or one squad of Chausseurs, or in the case these companies are detached, a squad of Fusiliers in rotation.

Article 3

Disposition of the Color Detail

The squad of Grenadiers, Chasseurs or Fusiliers will break off by sections.

The Captain commanding or Captain-in-Second at the head, two steps to the front, the other Officers or sub-Officers in their usual positions.

The flag bearers side-by-side between the two sections.

The drummers in one rank two steps ahead of the Captain.

The Music in one rank two steps ahead of the drummers.

The drum major two steps ahead of the Music.

Article 4

March of the Detail

The detachment will march on the command of the Chief, muskets supported (l'arme au bras) without sound from either drums or music.

Having arrived at the place where the flags are stored, the detachment will stop and shoulder arms while doing a halte.

The Music will stand to the right and the drummers to the left of the entry way.

The Commander will form the detachment in battalion formation opposite the door.

The Lieutenant of the detachment, the two flag bearers and two Sergeants will go to seek the flags.

When the flag bearers come out with the flags, they will be followed by the Lieutenant and the two Sergeants. They will stop outside the door opposite the detachment the Commander of which will have it present arms. At the same time the Drummers or the Music will beat or play au drapeau.

The Commander of the detachment will then have the drumming cease, weapons shouldered and will break the detachment into sections.

The flag bearers will place themselves in the interval between the two sections.

The Drum-major, the Music and the Drummers will take their place at the head of the detachment: the Commander of the detachment will command en avant == marche. On this command, the Drummers will beat au drapeau until they come to the place where the regiment or the battalion is assembled.

Article 5

The Arrival of the Flags at the head of the Regiment

When the flags arrive, the battalions being drawn up in close order, the superior Officer of each battalion will have them shoulder arms.

When the flags are no more than twenty steps to the right or left of the troop, according to which direction they are coming from, the superior Officer will command:

Presentez == vos armes

The battalion will present arms.

The flag bearers will then pass in single file in front of the battalion eight feet from the first rank.

As the flags pass before the center of the battalion, they will stop and face it. They will be saluted by the superior Officer of the battilion.

Immediately afterward the Porte-drapeau will go to place assigned to him in the battalion under the Title for the formation.

The squad of Grenadiers, Chasseurs or Fusiliers who escorted the flags, will promptly go and take their positions in the battalion passing behind the troop.

As soon as each flag has taken its place in its battalion, the battalion Commander will order:

Portez == vos armes

The battalion will shoulder arms.

The Porte-drapeaux will carry the flags on the right shoulder.

When the regiment is in the process of returning to its quarters, the flags will be returned in the same order and by the same escort which brought them to the regiment. The lower Officers of the color guard will return to their company only at the time when the companies break up if they are lodged in different quarters. They will remain with the color guard to which they have been assigned until a color guard from the regiment arrives if the regiment is lodged in the same quarters.