Title IV: Formations
Article 7: Composition of the Squad Designated to Guard the Flag

Each flag in each battalion will have a guard composed of the First Sergeant of each of the four Fusilier companies and the two most senior Corporals from these same companies.

However, the Cadet-gentilhomme may supplant the second Corporal from the Fusilier company when the regimental Commander feels him sufficiently prepared.

The Cadet-gentilhomme attached to the Grenadier company, as well as the one attached to the Chasseur company, will never leave their company.

The first rank of the Color Guard will be composed of the flag bearer (Porte-drapeau) and three Sargeants; the second and third ranks will be composed of four Corporals each.

When there is one of more Cadet-gentilhomme employed in the Color Guard, they will be placed to the right and left of the second and third rank. The Sergeant of the Colonel's company in the first battalion and the Sergeant of the Lieutenant-Colonel's company will be place as the last man (serre-file) in the flag's file.