Title III: Instruction of Recruits
Article 3: Manual of Arms

The manual of arms will be demonstrated to three men at a time, drilling first in rank, then in file.

When the Soldier is familiar with each movement in the temps, he will be shown how to carry out each of the temps as quickly as possible without stopping for the different movements & without stressing that they be perfectly distinct. On the contrary, perfection in the execution of the temps depends on arriving at the final position of the temps with the most extreme rapidity.

Article 5: Instructors Pay Attention to the following when Demonstrating the Manual of Arms

The instructor himself shall demonstrate each movement taking care to follow the description in detail.

As soon as the men have learned the movements of a step, the instructor will demonstrate the movements in front of them without pausing between movements.

He will then

He will be primarily responsible to demonstrate the steps in the order in which they are prescribed.

As soon as the recruit knows the mechanics of Loading in 12 Steps,

Cartridges should be placed in the giberne upside down with the ball on top so the soldier can bring it to his mouth without having to turn it in his hand.

The weapons will unloaded each day in the presence of the sub-Officer in charge of the chambrée, who will take the balls at that time. The sub-Officer in charge of recruits will count them off as he takes them, and will then give them by count to the Sergeant-Major who take them from him.